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Filter for unfinished games

A filter for unfinished games is available now. Only games which are marked as finished or lost interest are hidden. For people who are in the mood to finish a old game.


More game filters

I added another little filter. You can hide all played or uncompleted games now. This make the search for new games in your steam bibliothek much easier.


List and grid view update

Today I changed the navigation. The screenshot button in the main navigation is gone. Instead, you can choose the desired view in the upper right corner.

List view or screenshot view.


Lazy screenshot load

Added a script to lazy load screenshots. Images are only loaded until they are in the browsers view port. This makes the screenshot view a lot faster.

In addition, I have improved the parser to read a few more tags from the steam page. It will take some time, until the cache of all the games is updated. The new tags are shown blue in the tag list.


Multiplayer Filter

I added some multiplayer buttons today.

There are several buttons visible on the home screen now. Multiplayer, local multiplayer, split-screen and co-op. These are the common filters but steam has more tags for multiplayers. When you open the tag list, you can see now a little user icon on every player related tag.


Steam review update

Steam updated there review system and we lost a bunch of cached game ratings. That is no big deal. Once our game cache will be updated the ratings will be available again. Unfortunately this will take some time.


Achievements Update

I added the achievements icon to the game cache. You can see now a achievement icon near the steam icon. If you click it, you will be redirected to the steam achievment site of the game.

Since the icon is cached it will take some time (maybe a week), until all the games are up to date.


CYROGENiX steam tools online

today I launched the first version of the cyrogenix steam tools. I developed this site for curiosity and to manage my own steam library. I have no access to the steam libraries of other users but I like to see the cache counter growing. Hopefully you will have as much fun with this site as I do.

Feel free to contact me, if you have some nice ideas about how I shall improve this site.


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